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  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Automated Marketing

  • Deal Generator

  • greenRush-sponsored discounts

greenRush Dispensary Tools

Online express pickup and
delivery ordering
Free deal generator
eCommerce Admin Dashboard
Delivery minimums by zip code
Telemedicine integration
Automated menu updating
POS/Inventory integration
Promo Code Generator
Staff permission sets
All greenRush Tools

Customer Management

  • Never verify another patient again

  • All verifications completed by greenRush customer care

  • greenRush Support Live Chat

  • Databases are HIPAA-compliant + secure

9am-12am PST

Live Chat

Recreational Customer Verification

Call Center

Medical Patient Verification

Contact Form Resolution

Dispensary Partner Success

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No upfront fees, No credit cards

Only pay when you receive orders and cancel agreement any time for any reason

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