Space Pharmacy

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Have you ever noticed a marijuana plant looks a bit alien? As if it almost doesn’t belong to the rest of the plant life on our planet? Ever considered it was “gifted” to us by way of a meteor, comet, or brought to us from celestial beings? New research shows that organic molecules, on which life is based, can survive the impact from a meteorite. Panspermia – the suggestion that life on our planet was seeded by material falling from space.We know that Mother Earth has nurtured this plant and made it like her own, but we believe that our cherished medicine originated from somewhere out in Space. Call it destiny or coincidence that it found us, but regardless, it did. Most of our bodies’ molecular structure is of the very same materials stars are made of, and another reason why we are drawn to this lovely plant which came down to us from the sky.Next time you go outside and look up towards Space, know that the possibilities are endless.We welcome you to open your mind, body and soul to Space Pharmacy for all your medicinal needs.

Dank Valley Farm

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Frustrated with the quality at local dispensaries? We offer top quality organic medication -- Delivery from Davis to Sacramento -- not sure if we deliver to you? Our meds are grown by us organically and indoor unless otherwise stated in the menu or on the package. Flowers from outside vendors will be labeled both in the menu and on packaging. Medicines are priced by quality of both smoke and appearance. Flowers in the lower price ranges will either have flowers that are less dense, smoke that is not as smooth or tastey as our other offerings, OR less potency (usually best suited for casual daytime smoke or occasional and novice smokers with little or no tolerance). If you have any questions about why a particular strain is priced a certain way, please feel free to ask. We will not sell flowers that contain mold or other contaminants at any price PERIOD.

Garden Gateway

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Welcome to the Garden Gateway, taking ONLINE ORDERS 24/7. We are a premier California statewide delivery collective where orders are shipped no later than the next business day. Our goal is to bring our member patients quality cannabis products and related accessories at reasonable prices delivered discretely and directly to your door. We pay special attention to VETERANS and SENIORS but welcome all qualified patients to sign up and join our collective for products and access to our ever expanding resource library.

Swift Comfort

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Founded by military veterans with years of management and development experience in the Silicon Valley, our mission is to provide our member patients with the highest quality medical cannabis in a safe, discreet, swift and professional manner.

Mary Jane Finder

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-WE ACCEPT VENMO  -FAST DELIVERY IN DAVIS!  -FREE GRAM FOR FIRST TIME PATIENTS! Most deliveries made within 45 min or less We are a medical marijuana / cannabis delivery service that delivers in Davis, Dixon, and Woodland  Non-Profit delivery service for patients. We focus on sourcing great tasting flower and concentrates. Each product we sell is specially selected to ensure our products are the absolute best in their respective categories.  Hours  We are open from 7am to 11pm Mon-Thurs.  We are open from 7am to 1:30am Fri-Sat.  We are open from 7am to 11pm Sunday. 

The People's Kush

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The People’s Kush is a collective non-profit organization which delivers medical cannabis to authorized patients in Yolo County. We were formed as a collective run by and for the benefit of workers and patients. We believe that marijuana, as a psychoactive substance, is sensitive to things like the love given to the soil it grows in. Call us superstitious, but we also think that when happy hands touch to grow it, trim it, and deliver it, it somehow makes our weed danker. That’s why we focus not just on a great delivery, but also making sure every stage of production – from soil to smoke – is done with “happy hands” that is ethically, for the benefit of all involved, and with respect to the environment.

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