Emerald Health Options

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Welcome to Emerald Health Options.  We are a collective of patients in Sonoma County focused on providing organic and affordable medicine to the patients of our collective.

Flower of Life Alliance

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The Flower of Life Alliance is a non-profit, private membership medical collective. We offer our patients the highest quality medical cannabis. As healing practitioners and patients we care about your ongoing well being and look forward to catering to your individual needs! 

Alternatives Health Collective

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Alternatives Health Collective in Sonoma County offers the best medicine at the best prices to insure that 215 patients receive the benefits of the highest quality medical marijuana in a safe, welcoming, and accessible location. A licensed and permitted Sonoma County dispensary, Alternatives sets the bar with exceptional customer service, educational programs, and community service.

Compassionate Services

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Providing the best quality products to our members in Sonoma County. We have a great selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, clones and more. We'll come to you! With quick and easy verification you can start and finish your sign up process in the privacy of your own home. Stress Free. Quick, discreet, reliable and confidential. We make sure our members are taken care of. Please see our company disclosure below for more details. Open every day so feel free to give us a call anytime. 

101 Delivery

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101 Wellness brings the collective to you! We Come to You!! STRESS FREE, Quick and Easy. 101Wellness is the Northern California's premier medicinal cannabis delivery service, compliant w/ Cali Prop 215, California Senate Bill 215, Cali Attn Gen. Guidelines. We have been providing quality medicine to all of Sonoma County longer than anyone.

North Bay Norganix

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North Bay Norganix is a small, boutique collective of experienced organic growers. We specialize in more rare strains that are almost exclusively grown in-house from seed. We have never used chemicals or pesticides and never will. We sacrifice quantity for quality every time. Professional and discreet, we do truly care about patients' medicinal cannabis needs and welcome feedback because we take pride in what we do. Our goal is to provide safe access to quality, clean medicine for CA Prop 215 Patients in the North Bay. We currently serve Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties from 9am to 7pm daily.  Visit us on Instagram under Norganix!  Norganix indoor and sungrown strains are grown with organic products in reverse osmosis hand-watered soil. We also flush before harvest to ensure the cleanest, smoothest, tastiest medicine we can provide. We are compliant with Prop 215/ SB420 and California Health and Safety Code.  Sec. 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7 (H) **Vendors: Please email us at northbaynorganix@gmail.com with your products and pricing**

Remedy Delivery Service

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Direct from the Emerald Triangle! Remedy Delivery Service is a grass roots movement dedicated to bringing patients what they need most: artesian, chemical and pesticide FREE (currently moving toward our Clean Green certification), sun-grown Medical Marijuana direct from the Emerald Triangle. The Small Farmer is the backbone of our company, committed to the crop and offering only their highest quality cannabis, exclusively allocated for our patients WE ARE FARM-to-PATIENT!!! Our patients medicine comes directly from the farm's of California's BEST artisan, organic farmers. We know it's the quality of end product that really matters. At Remedy Delivery Service, we aim to deliver the highest quality medicine for the lowest possible donation.

Sonoma Patient Group

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PATIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A MEDICINAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY ADMITTANCE WITHOUT A MEDICAL MARIJUANA RECOMMENDATION FROM A DOCTOR. WE DO NOT ISSUE MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS. Sonoma Patient Group has been around for a long time, recognizing early on the importance of dispensing safe, lab tested medicine. We believe in providing patients an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of the medical Cannabis they use. SPG is an intimate gem in the heart of Sonoma County, and if you are in the Santa Rosa area stop by for a warm, friendly experience and some great medicine! SPG is well established. Owners John and Jewel are veterans in the medical Cannabis industry, having had experience with dispensaries prior to opening SPG.Jewel teaches dance and poetry internationally, and John is a legal and political cannabis advocate. Our Budtenders are here to share their love for cannabis and wealth of knowledge with patients. Whether face to face or in their blogs, such as Leanne's Cannabis Juicing Blog or CB's Rantings of a Budtender, everyone who works at Sonoma Patient Group is a patient here as well and ready to help.

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