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Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies

A little mysterious, likely a hybrid cross of Chocolate Thai x Girl Scout Cookies. This Indica dominant hybrid smells wonderful, like coffee, and has a tangy taste. Sticky, dense and potent, and is great for pain and stress relief. Heavy body effects. This strain is the favorite of many, but supply is limited. Worth every penny!

101 Purple Urkle 101 Purple Urkle

Medical Indica Hybrid. Looks: Plenty of green and orange fuzziness. It is dense, smells of berries, and tastes like grape with a hint of pine on exhale. The effects are medium-to-strong. Gets rid of pain, stress, anxiety and nausea. Good for relaxing and to be calm and collected. Tip: Use after yard work or sports practice for relief of heavy physical/mental stress!

101 Gorilla Glue #4 101 Gorilla Glue #4

This sativa dominant perfect hybrid has a strong, great taste. Great for pain and stress relief, as well as for depression! Grown indoors by 101 Wellness.

101 Thin Mint Cookies 101 Thin Mint Cookies

Super sticky and super potent! Bred by The Hemp Center, Girl Scout Cookies was crossed with OG Kush, Durban Poison and Cherry Kush to create flavors of cotton candy mixed with fruit and spice. Made famous by Berner, a San Francisco rapper and collective owner,

Gelato Gelato

Great for treating pain, stress and depression, this powerful hybrid offers a relaxing euphoric high. Smells of lavender with a touch of vanilla. Popular new strain in the cookie family: Sunset Sherbet crossed with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Critical Kush Critical Kush

OG Kush x Critical Mass. This Indica dominant hybrid has red hairs and is super dense and tasty. A "fun" Indica.


House Wax House Wax

Blend of various 101 strains. Usually a shatter or nearly a shatter, sometimes more of a taffy or waxy concentrate. Strong, great effects.

Fleurish Farms - Double Pressed Rosin Fleurish Farms - Double Pressed Rosin

Pure, solvent-free flower oil 

Absolute Xtracts Cartridge Absolute Xtracts Cartridge

Ask about availability for specific strains we carry: -Cherry Pie -Gorilla Glue -Green Dragon -Girl Scout Cookies -Grape Stomper -Royal Kush


Absolute Xtracts Vape Kits Absolute Xtracts Vape Kits

Vape pen battery comes with a USB charger and a case! (Hard Case/ Soft Case)


Fruity Pebble Crispy Treat Fruity Pebble Crispy Treat

Fruity and tangy taste with a gooey, crunchy consistency. These are 2-4 doses each (Thin Mint/Purple Trainwreck oil). Takes 1-2 hours for full, effect. Can eat 1/4 and save some for later. Tastes good, and good for relaxation, etc.

Cocoa Pebbles Crispy Treat Cocoa Pebbles Crispy Treat

These are Cocoa pebbles treats with marshmallow goodness. The dosage is 2- 4 dose. Dose varies per person. Many decorated with white chocolate or chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter Cookies Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies- decorated with white chocolate, dark cocoa chocolate or plain. 2-4 doses each. ( takes an hour for full effect) thin mint and purple train wreck.

Brownies - Very Potent Brownies - Very Potent

Each brownie is 4-8 doses, depending on a person's metabolism and tolerance level. Nice and moist.

Cake Pops (Seasonal) Cake Pops (Seasonal)

Yummy balls of cake dipped in white chocolate or other flavored icing. NEW! wrapped and tied with a ribbon. ( 2-4 doses each). Flavors include lemon cake, spice cake, red velvet cake, pumpkin spice cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, funfetti cake, strawberry cake, orange cream cake, key lime cake. Different flavors everyday!

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These are 2-4 doses each. Great to have some now and later!

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