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Our goal at Yerba is to provide high quality, locally sourced medicinal cannabis to the Bay Area’s discerning patient community. Yerba’s founders have spent more than a decade cultivating positive relationships with the mom-and-pop growers and small batch boutiques that comprise the heart of California’s flourishing cannabis industry. We understand the dedication essential to responsible farming and actively seek out organic, permaculture-based products that give back to the land that supports us all.


Our cooperative embraces the benefits of working together. We make the most of our expanding network by integrating the collective knowledge of our patient members. We rely on your feedback and experiences to help create evolving menus featuring the latest products and medical science. Yerba believes that education is essential to understanding the effects of various strains and concentrates. This is why our organization is composed of extremely knowledgeable, compassionate patient members. Our visiting staff and office personnel are trained to provide precise explanations of the nuances pertaining to each of the products we carry. We are committed to the well-being of our patient members and will spend as much time as necessary to make sure you are satisfied with your selection and consultation.


Yerba understands that there is much more to running a successful cooperative than simply providing medicine. Members requiring additional help can benefit from the resources provided by our delivery personnel. We work together with the community and local businesses to offer recommendations to a host of holistic services and herbalist remedies. Yerba encourages patient members to keep a detailed log to help us guide their selections and determine which products best suit their specific needs. We take pride in providing a safe, individualized experience to ensure that all of our members get the help they deserve. Sincerely, The Yerba Team

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