Jetty Gold Cartridge, Hybrid

Jetty Gold Cartridge, Hybrid

If potency is what you’re after then you’ve just struck GOLD. Cannabis oils are a spectrum of colors but a clear, bright golden signals top quality. Every strain-specific cartridge is filled with distilled, solventless CO2 oil containing 500 mg active cannabinoids. We re-infuse cannabis-derived terpenes and blend them back into the oil for natural flower flavor. Three stages of refinement produce that perfect shade, often testing greater than 80% THC.

Absent of byproducts, particulates or additives- Jetty Gold emits no cloud of smoke and no marijuana smell.

An alternative to wick-based cartridges and metal coils, our newest glass cartridge features a ceramic coil which maximizes the true flavor of our oil and a wood tip as an alternative to plastic or metal.

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