Ambrosia Silver Spirit Stamina

Ambrosia Silver Spirit Stamina

Ingredients: Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng) Suma (Brazilian Ginseng), Chaga, Fo-Ti, Astragalus, Sacred Valley Bulgaria Rose Damascena, Wild Sedona Yerba Santa, Gynostemma, Rehmannia, Cistanche, Crysanthemum Flower, Ethically Sourced Pure Raw Local Honey, Crystallized Plant Salts, Grape Alcohol (22%) Key Ingredients and Benefits: Ashwaganda ~ nourishes the adrenal glands reversing fatigue, increases stamina & endurance, helps to increase muscle strength, improves thyroid function, reduces brain cell degeneration improving memory, remedy for anxiety & depression, balances blood sugar levels, and supports healthy sexual function. Chaga ~ helps halt the aging process with one of the highest ORAC anti-oxidant values of any herb discovered. In conjunction, it reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, enhances liver health, and dispels viruses. Astragalus ~ heals & retains the length of the DNA telomeres which has been shown that as they shorten one’s life shortens whilst the quality of life lessens. Not only has this herb been scientifically proven to be a youth ally in this way, but also is known to support the immune system and strengthen the heart. Fo-Ti ~ rebuilds the body’s vital forces long known as “the cure for old age.” Modern research indicates that this herb contains an alkaloid that rejuvenates the nerves, brain, and endocrine glands. Healthy hair & skin, abundant energy, and sexual vigor are some of the products of this reharmonization. Intentional Directions: *** Take 1 to 2 droppers full 1 to 2 X per day (under your tongue). Breathing deeply, close your eyes, focusing on your brow point. Smile and envision your radiant heart, brilliant mind, and shining presence to all that you come in contact with. *** ~ ~ ~ There is a beautiful rose blossoming eternally serenading you at your center For enter this sweet ambrosia nectar and you shall find a deliciously divine present As you’re meant to live, the stormy thought clouds start to part to the pure blue sky sunshine you are My sunshine you are an ambrosial elixir that keeps exquisitely enticing loves flowering in each and every being~`*                                              ~ Illup (The Ambrosia Alchemist)                          


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