Heavy Hitters Vape Battery Pen (510 Threaded)

Heavy Hitters Vape Battery Pen (510 Threaded)

Heavy Hitters' battery kit supplies everything needed to take cannabis on the go for a discreet and stylish vaping experience. The battery comes in a fine silver and chrome finish, with a 3.7v USB connector for easy charging. The battery is pre-optimized for the optimal hit at 3.7v, fitted with standard 510 thread for (almost) universal application. Fitted with an adaptive button for the ultimate dosing fluidity. All menu pictures are property of APC and are GENUINE! ***Effective January 1, 2018: In order to maintain 100% compliant with CA state law as a licensed and permitted facility, APC will be accessing mandatory taxes based upon Proposition 64. There are three (3) tax distinctions: (1) Patients with a valid California Medical Doctor's Recommendation will be accessed the traditional 7.75% CA Sales Tax on all orders. (2) Medical patients with a state-issued Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) from the Dept. of Human Health & Services are exempt from paying any additional taxes above the listed menu price. (3) Non-medical, recreational members will be accessed the traditional 7.75% CA San Diego Sales Tax, plus a mandatory 5% San Diego City Cannabis Business Tax. We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible for many years, and unfortunately, legislation requires that we mandate these inevitable fees in order to continue providing safe access to medical and recreational cannabis for our members. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your cooperation and support! License Number: A10-18-0000108-TEMP***

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