Excite- 5pc/3.5g pack- Biodegradable filter

Excite- 5pc/3.5g pack- Biodegradable filter

Product Description

Excite & Delight

Want a kick of good, positive energy with no amped up frenzy? Our Excite blend delivers just the right amount of fuel to get you going any way you want.

Our Excite blend was developed with cannabinoids and terpenoids that lift your mood and energize your body. We combine Limonene and Pinene to increase your energy level, heighten your focus, and enhance sensory experiences. Supplemental compounds like Humelene provide pain relief and improve terpenoid absorption in your body, giving you that little boost you need to get moving.

This pack is our Filtered option, which comes with our proprietary filter for a remarkably smooth draw. Each pack comes with 5 prerolls weighing 3.5 grams. 

100% Natural Cannabis

We use only 100% pure cannabis with no fillers, additives or pesticides, ever. We partner with sustainable growers in the far reaches of Northern California who care for their crops with integrity and expertise.

Blends Crafted to Perfection

Instead of relying on a single cannabis strain, we curate our custom blends with precision — carefully balancing terpene profiles and cannabinoid content to gently deliver the elevated, yet mindful effect you want.

Precision-Rolled Consistency

We make our filtered Leaflettes with a proprietary technology that ensures uniformity across the board, from packing density to smoldering rates. That means, you can count on a consistent — and consistently great — experience every time. 

Remarkably Smooth Draw

Our proprietary filters increase airflow for a dramatically smooth and easy draw. They also remove potentially harmful solids like tar. And no worries, they’re nothing like regular cigarette filters. They enhance the experience, not detract from it.

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