Jack Herer Sativa Cartridge - OLD - OLD - OLD - OLD

Jack Herer Sativa Cartridge - OLD - OLD - OLD - OLD

Dank Tank's Jack Herer Sativa Cartridge is a unique blend of craft cannabis concentrates combined in an artisan process with US-produced, food-grade, 99.9% Propylene Glycol and US-produced, food-grade, 99.7% Vegetable Glycerin. Vaporized SAP contains no carbon-matter, no plant-matter, no terpene-infusion, and no foreign substance beyond the cannabinoids and water vapor. Our cannabis flavors are grown entirely by the plant itself and extracted with care to preserve the flower's natural tastes and distinct character. Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain that expresses piney flavors with uplifting bursts of lemon.

Apothecary 420

5.0 ★

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15374 Dickens Street, Los Angeles, CA 91403