Ascend Cannabis Co - Denver - Medical

Ascend Cannabis Co - Denver - Medical

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We believe in doing the right thing. It starts with our growing methodology from planting to harvesting and all the steps along the way. It shows in our culture, our craft and in the end product. Cheers to doing things the right way.

In many cases, especially in organic gardening, it is typical to use animal products to feed plants and condition soil. At Ascend, 99% of our nutrients are plant or mineral based and completely free of animal products.


A-Grade gardening is done in a greenhouse where we use the Colorado sun to power most of what we do. That means 35% less coal power than an indoor grow.


We use a special no-till soil system that uses no bottled nutrients, and constantly reuses and recycles soil and even creates its own worm castings.


It’s 100% free of all synthetic products. It’s 100% free of pesticides, even organic ones. The only things that ever touch our plants are Mother Nature derived.

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