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**We are Beach Budz Mmj Delivery!*Open 24 HOURS!! *619-677-9324  *$25 minimum Pacific ,Mission, La jolla and ocean beach only!*$40 most other places *Quickest Delivery service!  **Tons of Deals!! Down to earth and real! We guarantee our products and will treat you as a person and not as a customer. we are very passionate about what we d and we want the best for you at the best price possivle carrying The top cup winning brands and strains and always striving to give you the patient the best experience possible! We want you to be happy and medicated and to give you the easiest, quickest enjoyable delivery experience in the business! Currently servicing La Jolla, Pacific beach, Mission beach, Ocean beach, Coronado Island, Downtown San Diego, Hotel Circle and Little Italy area. We make it our goal to keep it simple and easy for you! Its easy today to get Overwhelmed with so many strains and products and we bring you only the absolute BEST! Todays top strains and flowers as well as Cup Winning brands producing our edibles, concentrates and vape pens!!         * Must be 18 with recommendation or 21 with i.d. *Minimum delivery order-$25 pacific, mission, la jolla, ocean beach**   *Open 24HOURS!!    **619-677-9324   The Hyatt, Dana Inn, Sea World, tourist discount available mention this for free gift.!! in compliance with state law sb420 & prop 215 **Please text or email copy of i.d. and/or recommendation to 619-677-9324 or email to

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Ocean Front Walk 3146
San Diego, CA









Medical Cash Only Delivery
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