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We each had our pains or aches, wanted a helping hand on the weekends without the calories or hangover, or needed the creative boost when crashing on a deadline. California's passing of new, chill cannabis laws was welcome news and we ventured out to try cannabis in what we thought would be a quick and easy process. It wasn't. What is with these strains? We finally learned what Cabernet Franc is now we have to decipher Girl Scout Cookies and Donkey Balls OG? We look for dosage info, and our options are 'coma' or 'someone please stop grandma from licking the Uber driver.' We popped into a dispensary and were not ready for Wonka's journey through Candyland (we couldn't find the infused snozberries). Even the online companies sent a guy into our living rooms who, while very nice, reminded us a bit of our brother-in-law, and who wanted me to pay in cash (also like our brother-in-law). Worse still, we couldn't even talk openly about it to our friends because there's still a stigma around cannabis that doesn't make sense. We wanted to change all that...and so beganĀ Big Moon Sky.

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