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Jack Herer (Grams ONLY) Jack Herer (Grams ONLY)

By House of Herbs: THC 19.83% Limonene 2.7mg Caryophyllene 2.6mg Isopulegol 9.5mg (GRAMS)                                

Asteroid (1/2 OZ) Asteroid (1/2 OZ)

By House of Herbs: THC 22.357% B-Myrcene 7.1mg B-caryophyllene 3.6mg Linalool 1.5mg 

Herojuana (1/2 OZ) Herojuana (1/2 OZ)

By House of Herbs: THC 20.83% B-Myrcene: 7.5mg B-Caryophyllene: 3.2mg Linalool: 1.5mg

Diablo (Grams ONLY) Diablo (Grams ONLY)

By House of Herbs: THC 20.04% Limonene 6.1mg B-Caryophyllene 3.5mg Myrcene: 11.5mg

Blackjack (1/8ths ONLY) Blackjack (1/8ths ONLY)

By BaM: THC 19.23% CBD Terpinolene 3.94mg Caryophyllene 2.62mg Ocimene 1.25mg

2010 GSC (1/8ths ONLY) 2010 GSC (1/8ths ONLY)

By Deep Roots Harvest: THC 20.6%  B-Caryophyllene 4.4mg A-Humulene 2.1mg Limonene 1.85mg


Cannavative - Blueberry Athena Shatter Cannavative - Blueberry Athena Shatter

By Cannative: THC 74.48% Caryophyllene: 0.83% Humelene 0.24% Limonene 0.52%

Matrix - Chem Dawg 4 Syringe Matrix - Chem Dawg 4 Syringe

By Matrix: THC 74.7% B- Caryophyllene: 5.98mg A- Humulene: 2mg B- Myrcene: 1.5mg

Kynd - Skunk 1 Disposable Vape 250mg Kynd - Skunk 1 Disposable Vape 250mg

By Kynd Cannabis Company: THC 66.2% Limonene: 4.5mg  B- Caryophyllene: 2.48mg Humulene: 0.95mg

Kynd - Critical Kush Disposable Pen (250 MG) Kynd - Critical Kush Disposable Pen (250 MG)

By Kynd Cannabis Company: THC 63.6% B-Myrcene: 1.28mg Terpinolene: 1.35mg Caryophyllene: 1.28mg

Kynd - Ghost OG Disposable Vape (250 MG) Kynd - Ghost OG Disposable Vape (250 MG)

By Kynd Cannabis Company: THC 63.2% Limonene: 1.25mg Linalool: 1.4mg B- Caryophyllene: 4.7mg

Cannavative - Jilly Bean Honeycomb Cannavative - Jilly Bean Honeycomb

By The Cannavative Group:  THC: 75.16% Limonene: 9.0mg Humulene: 3.5mg Linalool: 5.1mg


Cannavative - Rick Simpson Oil Cannavative - Rick Simpson Oil

By Cannavative:THC 475.1mg CBD 364.9mg Caryophyllene:1.07% Humelene:0.65% Limonene:0.56% 

Sour Grape Gummies (Indica) Sour Grape Gummies (Indica)

By Wanna: THC 94.5mg 

Caramel Single Caramel Single

By Kynd Cannabis Company: THC 10.8mg

CBD Elixir - Focus CBD Elixir - Focus

BY CANNAHEMP: 658.9mg CBD / 7.5mg CBN / 126.3mg Limonene / 84mg Myrcene / 60.1mg Terpinene

CBD Elixir- Relief CBD Elixir- Relief

By Cannahemp: 670.5mg CBD  A-Pinene:118.1  Myrcene:123.7  Terpinene: 77.6mg  CBN:3.3mg


Blue Magic - Strawberry (Infused) Blue Magic - Strawberry (Infused)

By CW NEVADA: THC 256.06mg 

Blue Birds - Pre 98 Bubba Kush Blue Birds - Pre 98 Bubba Kush

By Deep Roots Harvest: THC 21.06%

Blue Birds - 2010 GSC Blue Birds - 2010 GSC

By Deep Roots Harvest: THC 18.16%

Blue Birds - Ghost Buster Blue Birds - Ghost Buster

By Deep Roots Harvest THC: 18.16%

Blue Birds - Fortune Cookies Blue Birds - Fortune Cookies

By Deep Roots Harvest: THC 20.55% 

House of Herbs - Lucy Diamond House of Herbs - Lucy Diamond

By House of Herbs - THC: 21.58%


CBD Pet Tincture CBD Pet Tincture

Canna Hemp Paws' CBD Pet Tincture offers all the benefits of cannabinoids for our favorite furry friends. Easy to give to your pet with food, this CBD tincture combines only CBD oil, hemp-seed oil, and MCT oil to ensure nothing but the most healing ingredients are enjoyed by your pet. Easy to dose with the included dropper, each CBD Pet Tincture contains 30 full servings per bottle.

CBD Elixir - Calm CBD Elixir - Calm

By CannaHemp: 660.6mg CBD 3.4mg CBN / 290.8mg Eucalpytol 94.4mg Linalool 64.4mg Myrcene

CBD Elixir - Euphoria CBD Elixir - Euphoria

By CannaHemp: 656.9mg CBD 3.5mg CBN / 140.4mg Limonene 90.4mg Myrcene 83.7mg Linalool


Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil

By Evergreen Organix: THC 151.41mg

Herbal Relief Salve Herbal Relief Salve

By Evergreen Organix: THC 94.50mg CBD 21.95mg

Kynd Balm Kynd Balm

By Kynd: THC 3.7mg CBD 6.9mg Linalool 1.8mg 

Bath Soak Bath Soak

Infused with pure CO2-extracted THC, Dixie Bath Soak is a perfect way to relieve muscle tension and soreness. Dixie uses rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood to deliver a relaxing aroma easing the mind and body into a peaceful state of tranquility. For the best results, pour 2-5 ounces of 160mg Dixie Bath Soak into a hot bath and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, get in, zen out, and allow your day to soak away.

CBD Pain Relief Cream 211.2mg CBD Pain Relief Cream 211.2mg

Canna Hemp CBD Pain Relief Cream provides award-winning and speedy pain relief for targeted, topical use. This powerhouse healer combines full-spectrum CBD's analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties with menthol, plant-sourced terpenes, and other natural plant remedies and essential oils. The result: long-lasting and soothing pain relief ideal for healing bruises, aches, muscles spasms, headaches, and much more. Each container offers 2 ounces of cream with 221.2 mg total of lab-tested CBD.


Matrix Battery Matrix Battery

3 assorted colors - White, Black or Silver. Cartridge Sold Seperately.

Heady Pipe Heady Pipe

An assortment of locally blown heady pipes. Each sold seperately.

Honeycomb Pipe Honeycomb Pipe

Locally blown  honeycomb glass pipe.

V4/ plush Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit V4/ plush Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

V4/ Twenty Kit includes: v4/plush Vaporizer 2 Glass Mouthpiece with Metal Filters Packing Tool Cleaning Brush Tweezers USB Charger A/C Adapter User Guide

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