Fruit Slabs - 100mg THC - The OG Mango

Fruit Slabs - 100mg THC - The OG Mango

Fruit Slabs are medicated all natural fruit leathers infused with clean, pesticide free, high quality THC extracts. 100% organic non-GMO fruits and vegan ingredients. It's a wholesome way to medicate for health conscious medical marijuana patients. Handmade in California!   Each fresh-sealed resealable pouch contains one delicious slab, created with certified organic ingredients and infused with 100mg of THC.    Vegan, Gluten-free and also Kosher!   No added sugar - all natural sugar derived from the fruit.   100mg THC - fully activated Delta 9 THC provides a euphoric and calming effect     Ingredients: Organic mango puree concentrate, THC extract

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