Lobo - Infused Shatter Preroll - Fruitcake x GG4

Lobo - Infused Shatter Preroll - Fruitcake x GG4

Fruitcake flower/ Gorilla Glue 4 Sauce   Finally, a quality pre-roll – because it is a hand-roll! Lobo Lite is the kind of cone  “your friend who rolls” would make – top shelf flower, coarsely ground for maximum flavor and burn time, rolled by hand into a premium paper wrap. Finished with a reusable glass tip, this is one classy joint.    The Lobo Lite has a 1.5 gram premium flower fill.   Hand-made by our cannagar artists Strains vary per batch 1.5 grams of flower Wrapped in premium hemp rolling paper 100% pure and lab tested with every batch

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