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Bonafide Collective is an upscale medical marijuana dispensary firmly committed to patient care. We were founded on the principle that there exists a healthier approach to personal wellness management than what conventional medicine and practice have dictated in recent history. We are firmly committed to patient care being tailored to the individual needs. Our main goals will be met through continued education, self monitoring, and patient feed back. We look forward to serving our community and setting the highest standards in the industry. Our discreet location provides a safe, clean, and professional environment which sets the bar above all other medical marijuana dispensaries in the Los Angeles area. We are easily accessed from the I-5 fwy making us available to patients throughout the entire area. Come in and see our newly remodeled facility offering a luxurious and relaxing ambiance which places an emphasis on patient comfort. We have successfully assisted thousands of patients reduce or entirely eliminate their dependency on synthetic pharmaceuticals which they had been accustomed to taking to treat a myriad of debilitating conditions. By finding the most appropriate way to medicate with cannabis, promoting healthy ingestion habits and encouraging healthy activities. We at Bonafide Collective have been vital partners in improving the quality of life for our patients. Bonafide Collective is located in Sun Valley Ca, we offer both quality Marijuana and delicious Edibles to patients from the surrounding areas and throughout Southern California. Bonafide Collective's interior  reflects the hip sensibilities of the design while also paying tribute to the hip styles of Los Angeles and Hollywood, CA. Here at Bonafide Collective, we carry a vast array of edibles, from chocolate bars to candy. If you're looking for something healthy and delicious, cannabis Infused products are bound to impress. We reach a wider spectrum of needs than your ordinary Medical Marijuana Center.

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