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Buddy Boy Highlands - Recreational

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Buddy Boy Brands- 38th serves medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users. We abide by the strict guidelines of Ballot Amendment 20 and offer a deli-style dispensary experience that allows customers to mix and match a variety of strains and experience the product up-close. We send our inventory to Agricore Labs for potency and quality assurance. Patients can reach the Buddy Boy Brands team by phone, email, or social media. 

Buddy Boy Brands offers a full inventory of high-quality cannabis items. We specialize in top-quality cultivars and are best known for carrying terpene-blasted strains like White 99, Durban Poison, and Happy 10 Concentrate connoisseurs can choose from a plethora of shatters, crumble, resin, and extracts from top concentrate vendors like o.penVAPE, Quest Concentrates, Bakked, and Next1 Labs. Buddy Boy carries more than 100 edibles from chocolate to candy, to cookies and savory snacks from Mountain High Suckers, Wana, and Cheeba. The selection of THC-cocktails includes Keef Cola and Canna Punch fruit punches with its Sons of Sativa edition flavors. Denver cannabis consumers can medicate orally with infused tinctures or apply medicated patches, lotions, sprays, or salves to soothe aches. 

Buddy Boy Brands is located on Perry Street between 37th and 38th in the Highland area of Denver. We are a marijuana dispensary that offers safe access to the finest cannabis products to customers in Denver, Lakeside, Mountain View, Edgewater, Berkley, and Colfax. We extend our services to medical and recreational cannabis users in Commerce City, Aurora, Centennial, and Foxfield.

38th Avenue is a community in Denver, Colorado and located by popular attractions like the Colorado State Capitol and Confluence Park. It is home to over 160 service providers and Denver dining favorites like Lou’s Food Bar, Buchi Cafe Cubano, and Indulge French Bistro. 38th Avenue is also North Denver’s center for arts and culture where they host art walks throughout the various parts of Denver.

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