Ganja Gold - R:Evolve - Prerolls

Ganja Gold - R:Evolve - Prerolls

Be the life of the party: Bring a couple new prerolled R:Evolve prerolls from Ganja Gold.

Something for everyone.

5 Prerolls / 2.5 Grams Total

4 Varieties + 1 Tarantula

AWAKE - (Sativa Dominant) - Uplifting & Cerebral effects

ZEN - (Indica Dominant) - Sedating and Relaxing

INSPIRE (Hyrbrid) - Exploring the balance of head and body effects

HEAL (Super Strain) - Meticulously crafted for an array of head and body effects

EVOLVE (Tarantula) - Connoisseur Grade Flower + CO2 Wax, Hash and Kief