VIVE Tablets [Pure CBD] Lemon Lime 100mg

VIVE Tablets [Pure CBD] Lemon Lime 100mg

Discreet and delicious, the Mini, Micro and Ratio Tabs by Vive are one of our new favorites for all purposes, on-the-go edibels! Imagine a tic-tac but every tic-tac has strain specific cannabis, ranging from 1mg to 5mg THC, pure CBD and CBD-ratio options. Vive has executed it perfectly, with less than a calorie per piece, offering in six different all natural flavors of Sour Apple, Tangelo, Pineapple Passionfruit, Lemon Lime, Crisp Mint and Ginger Peach. Our favorite was definitely the Sour Apple variety. Tart and sour with 5mg of sativa per tab, pop one or two of these in your mouth on your way to work and feel instantly awakened. Packed inside an easy to carry tube, consumers can keep these in their purse or pocket for whenever they need a pick-me-up and the Vive won’t melt down or be damaged in the process. These are nifty little candies that all consumers should keep on deck for home, work, adventuring or at the bar—they are useful for any and all times!

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