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Bubba Kush (TS) Bubba Kush (TS)

Known all over the US for its strong tranquilizing indica effectsgiving the consumer great relaxation and crushing any stress of the afternoon.

Green Crack (Top Shelf) Green Crack (Top Shelf)

This legendary sativa is notorious for its invigorating buzz that can keep you going on the tough days. Its often used in the daytime and is best suited for moodiness, stress, and fatigue. Green Crack also encourages creativity and can even help you focus.

Blueberry OG (PR) Blueberry OG (PR)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid that is heavy which many people relate to having Indica effects. Known for its earthy, piney aromas and flavors OG Kush is one of the backbones to the West Coast varieties. Known for its heavy effects, this strain is used to crush stress and migraines.

GG4 (PR) GG4 (PR)

Indica dominant hybrid formed by crossing Afgani with Blueberry gives off a sweet citrus nose. Great for those looking for a great body buzz to rid themselves of any anxiety, pain, or nausea. Originally from Colorado Seed Inc.

Pot Of Gold (Top Shelf) Pot Of Gold (Top Shelf)

Dutch strain with intense sweet, fruity, hashish taste that delivers a potent physical effect. Leaves you with a relaxed euphoric feeling making you happy and sleepy.

Orange Cookies Orange Cookies

Legendary Girl scout strain crossed with Orange Juice that hits you with orange, citrus, and sweet aromas and tastes. This bud gives way to a deep body calming effect that gives a great cerebral buzz leaving you happy and relaxed.


Terp Science Terp Science

Can you handle the Terps? One of the best Colorado extract companies moving to CA and letting us run their extremely pure concentrates. Shatter, Crumble, and Pull n Snap all coming to you guys at the best price and quality possible. Were going to be one of the only spots with their products so don't pass us up.


Peak Pen Peak Pen

3 voltage pens coming with battery, case, and charger.


Sour Strips Edibles 125mg Sour Strips Edibles 125mg

Choose between Strawberry Watermelon Green Apple Blue Raspberry HGH Green Country Delights presently offers many sweet-n-sour gummy candies with doses of 125mg. All infused with premium HGH extracts to insure potency and quality. Green Country Delights stands behind their true dose guarantee, stating that each candy has exactly what they label them to have, all THC is fully activated and if it says 250mg per pack you can rest assured it does! 

Sensi Chews Sensi Chews

Sensi Chew Indica is for nighttime use and contains 100MG of cannabis in 4-25MG doses in a childproof resealable container. It has a chocolate caramel texture with a subtle hint of cannabis. Provides a feeling of well-being with deep relaxation for muscles and mind. Reduces inflammation, migraines, chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, and nausea. Relaxes muscles, stiffness and tension. Stimulates appetite and aids in improved sleep.  



Custom Cali Cats Snapback Hat Custom Cali Cats Snapback Hat

Rock the roar of the lion snapback!

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