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C.H.A.I. is an elite low-cost non-profit medical cannabis association that is operated by and for members. C.H.A.I. is committed to providing verified medical cannabis patients safe-access to the highest quality 100% LAB-TESTED INDOOR CULTIVATED MEDICAL CANNABIS. C.H.A.I. is endorsed by the Secretary of State (CA) as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation operating as a medical cannabis association, which operates in full compliance with Prop. 215, S.B. 420, and CA Attorney General guidelines. The Specific purpose of C.H.A.I. is to provide means for facilitation and coordinating transactions between members. C.H.A.I. has been committed to paying all taxes state and local since 2010. We are pleased to include 15% state excise tax in all prices. C.H.A.I. promises to provide the highest-grade indoor medicinal cannabis at the lowest possible price. In addition to providing safe-access to lab tested, contaminate free medical cannabis we will inform patients of new laws, ordinances, research, Dr.'s, alternative treatment, collectives and safe-access to medical cannabis.

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