Celestial Body™ - Pit Stop Detox

Celestial Body™ - Pit Stop Detox

This underarm detox kit is amazing and works beautifully to detox and cleanse. The underarm area is very sensitive, as it is an entry and an exit for sweating and a removal system for your body. It is very close to our lymphatic system, which is responsible for controlling our immune system.  For all of the years we have been using an aluminum based anti-perspirant and deodorant, we have been clogging up that area with heavy metals and chemicals that have not allowed our body to sweat, therefore, building up toxins and causing the odor you get when trying to change over.  We are designed to sweat, so cleaning that area and really getting those pores detoxed, is a great way to transition. Celestial Body “PIT STOP” is a detox system designed to pull toxins the same way a face mask is used. In fact, you can use this product for a face mask, as well. Mixing directions are the same. Use water, ACV or add your favorite skin-friendly essential oil


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