GoldMist THC Double Strength Oral Spray 3.5ml

GoldMist THC Double Strength Oral Spray 3.5ml

Use GoldMist THC anywhere, anytime just like a breath freshener. Takes effect within 10-15 minutes and lasts 1-2 hours. It's similar to smoking cannabis, but without the smoke. Tastes great with no dry mouth. GoldMist has no impurities and is of the highest quality. Cosmetic-grade glass atomizer is perfect for travel. 

GoldMist THC is always predictable because a micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. The dose is always 3mg with GoldMist Single Strength (or 6mg THC if you choose GoldMist Double Strength). GoldMist makes it easy to achieve an appropriate, repeatable medication level. Unlike edibles, you know sooner if the initial dosage was sufficient. 

 The GoldMist Single Strength 3.5ml vial contains approximately 80 sprays, and a total of 250mg Δ9 THC. (For a higher dosage, GoldMist Double Strength contains 500mg Δ9 THC.) 

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