PureXtracts (PX) P2 Platinum Jack Cartridge 1g


THC: 1000 mg

PureXtracts (PX) P2 Platinum Jack Cartridge 1g


THC: 1000 mg

Cartridges are convenient and easy to use but we knew we could make them way, way better – then we did. We imagined a cartridge that is safe to use, tastes good, doesn’t leak, and provides the same elevated experience our customers have grown to love with our products. After countless hours of research & development, our team designed a product that combines the purest ingredients with robust state-of-the-art hardware, yielding a smooth consistent flavor from the first to the last draw without using glycol or other harmful additives. Now go out and enjoy your P2 experience.

Most potent cartridge on the market

Before adding the terpenes, The cannabis oil we purify in our lab is, on average, 95% total active cannabinoids. This level of purity allows us to provide our consumers with a high quality, and low cost alternative to the cartridges currently available.

Lab tested

We test all of our raw materials and finished products for potency, terpene, residual solvents, and pesticides with industry trusted laboratories in California. Our products meet all state and local regulations meaning each batch is always safe for you to use and our potency is accurate.

True to strain terpene profiles

Each cartridge contains between 60 and 80 food-grade terpenes depending on the strain. This is roughly 5X the complexity of our competitors’, leading to noticeably more elegant, and nuanced flavors.

High potency cartridges for an affordable price

Our goal is to provide a quality effective product for the best price possible. Although we use premium hardware, food-grade terpenes, never use diluents, and produce high quality cannabis oil, we keep prices low.

No Mess

Our cartridges have an incredibly low leakage rate – they are shatter resistant, don’t leak in the heat, and work even when it’s cold out. Our cartridge is ready to go anywhere, even though you might not want to leave the couch.

The best cartridge on the market

The cartridge utilizes a state of the art, ceramic heating element instead of the common silica wick and metal coil, which can produce a burnt taste. The porosity crossed with the high surface area of the ceramic core allows for unparalleled absorption resulting in better flavor and superior vapor production. And with the fastest recharge rate on the market, the last draw is just as powerful as the first. 510 threading allows use with most batteries on the market, though it works best with the P2 power supply.

LHE and Solvent Extraction Explained

LHE or “Light Hydrocarbon Extraction” is a clean, safe, and effective process for concentrating cannabis. The particular closed-loop solvent system we use dissolves all the pharmacologically active compounds, leaving unwanted plant material behind while recycling the solvent. The batch is cleaned of all residual solvents, then lab tested to ensure accuracy. Compared to concentrates made with CO2, LHE extractions produce a cleaner, better tasting product. The end result is an environmentally friendly, clean, and high-quality product that is accessible for everyone to enjoy.