Sour Blueberry Live Resin Sauce

Sour Blueberry Live Resin Sauce

This beastly Sativa dominant hybrid known as, "Sour Blueberry" is a high yielding and fast finishing variety that was brought forth by the seasoned professionals at the Humboldt Seed Organization in Northern California. They set forth to combine the legendary Blueberry with a strain that would beef her up a bit as well as up her resin content and broaden her effects, and they did exactly that by crossing her with an unknown sour tasting Indica. The "Sour Blueberry" provides it's user with an exotic flavor and aroma that has a major twist thrown in towards the later half of inhaling her full bodied smoke. Therefore giving her a nice and enjoyable terpene profile that is soon followed by a nearly balanced hybrid high that quickly sends a spacey buzz right up to your dome before eventually being teamed up with a relaxing and euphoric body stone that helps to extend her already long list of amazing medicinal benefits.

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5.0 ★

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