Raspberry Macaroons 100mg- Utopia

Raspberry Macaroons 100mg- Utopia

Utopia Farms' edibles are made with organic and non-gmo ingredients, providing delicious flavor that both elevates and energizes. They believe that healthy products are a result of high quality ingredients, conscious techniques, and a commitment to transparency. This is manifested in their publicly available lab results, which are passed on to patients with every product. Transparency is essential to Utopia’s mission. As an SC Labs Certified Producer, every batch of products undergoes a full-spectrum testing regiment to ensure purity, safety and consistency. Each package is labeled with a batch number linked to a publicly available lab result providing potency, pesticide and microbiological test results. Furthermore, each batch is traceable to its source extract material, which undergoes full potency, terpene, pesticide, microbiological and residual solvent testing.

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