Ultra Pure THC Cart Crème Brûlée

Ultra Pure THC Cart Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée offers the sweet, yummy, velvety flavor of rich caramel custard.

TetraLabs Ultra Pure vaporizer cartridges contain highly refined PureGold™ oil that offers the mild taste and aroma of THC without the taste or smell of less processed marijuana extracts. That is because we go to great lengths to remove everything from PureGold oil except the cannabinoids. Not only do Ultra Pure cartridges offer mild taste, but also their lack of marijuana odor means you can use them in more places without attracting attention. If you prefer stronger CO2 flavors and aromas, try our Strain Specific CO2 cartridges.

GoldCarts are crystal clear, and contain no molds, no solvents, and no propylene glycol. You can depend on TetraLabs Ultra Pure cartridges for a high-quality vaporizing experience.

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