CBD Bath Bomb 50MG - High Jump (HM)

CBD Bath Bomb 50MG - High Jump (HM)

Hot Mess Kushmetics - Who says baths have to be boring? You can relax, heal, AND be entertained all at the same time while you watch this CBD Bath Bomb fizz, spin and put on a colorful show. All while it’s delivering 50 mg of healing CBD into your tub. Every Bath Bomb contains skin-loving shea butter to moisturize and protect your skin. Why not moisturize while you heal? These bath bombs have an extra coating of shea butter drizzled on top. Get an extra jump of relief with the infusion of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:Enriched with Shea Butter to moisturize your skin while your soak.Vegan | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Cornstarch Free DIRECTIONS:Fill your bathtub with warm water first, then slowly lower the Bath Bomb into the water as you relax and let the CBD get to work.

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