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25mg THC Capsules (10 Pack)

Honey Oil THC capsules contain 25mg of activated THC per cap. Formulated to be easily digested, these discrete capsules will keep your high going for hours on end!

Ingredients: THC Distillate, terpenes, MCT oil, soy lecithin, gelatin. 

Honey Oil THC capsules contain 25mg of activated THC per cap. Formulated to be easily digested, these discrete capsules will keep your high going for hours on end!

Ingredients: THC Distillate, terpenes, MCT oil, soy lecithin, gelatin. 

Dispensary Fast Grass



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Brand: Honey Oil

On the grind since ‘99 Honey Oil is a San Diego based cannabis brand specializing in vapes and concentrates made with THC Distillate and CBD Isolate. Using nothing but the highest quality extracts and hardware, they strive to provide products that are easy to use while being consistent in potency and flavor. A street grown brand with a high tech backbone, Honey Oil is guaranteed to give you that high you're looking for. 

The founders of Honey Oil have worked in the cannabis industry for nearly two decades. They grew up growing the finest indoor strains that they would supply their local dispensaries with. Not only did they see marijuana as a viable medical alternative, but also as a positive and productive lifestyle. This shaped the way they thought and planted the seed for the idea of creating a top shelf cannabis brand once things went fully legal in California. Though they’ve worked extensively with marijuana extracts, the founders found success in the apparel and e-liquid industries first. With their hearts fixed on cannabis, they took the knowledge they gained from those sectors and used it to create a line of reliable cannabis oil cartridges that taste great, don’t leak, and provide consistent hits all the way till the end. By bringing together their years of industry knowledge and lifelong passion for cannabis, the group officially joined together to form the brand now known as Honey Oil. 

Honey Oil is at the forefront of cannabis extraction technology and proudly provides concentrates that are made with the most advanced equipment available today. They use a falling film ethanol extractor and a wiped film distillation plant to create the oils that go into their products. This process separates the cannabinoids and terpenes on a molecular level which allows the purity and flavor to be controlled very precisely. Bringing years of experience and knowledge from the vape world to the cannabis industry, all of Honey Oils cartridges and batteries are built out of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, ensuring a smooth and reliable hit each and every time. Their products are built to last and you can really feel the quality in your hands.

Honey Oil offers a variety of strain specific cannabis oils, each with a different flavor and effect. Their Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids contain incredible terpene profiles that retain the natural effect and flavor of each strain. Offering both THC and CBD versions at different potencies and price points, Honey Oil has both ends of the market covered. With their cartridges for easy and discreet vaping, glass dabbers for applying oil directly on heated nails, or their dab jars full of golden goodness, Honey Oil combines quality hardware and premium cannabis concentrates into one of the best new lines of cannabis products on the market today. 

Honey Oil believes in total transparency when it comes to the safety and purity of their products. They work closely with SC Labs, one of the leading analytical laboratories promoting the education and safety of cannabis through scientific testing. All of Honey Oil’s base extracts are run through a full gamut of testing with Certificates of Analysis publicly available.

Honey Oil has quickly established itself as a serious contender in the SoCal cannabis scene by establishing powerful partnerships with long time suppliers and influencers within the industry. Honey Oil works with local San Diego cultivators and extractors with the hopes of bringing the SD cannabis community closer together through collaboration and cross-promotion. Utilizing a growing network of dispensaries and deliveries throughout California, Honey Oil products can currently be found in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. They plan on expanding north and then branching out to Vegas once the recreational scene fully kicks in.

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