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At Fresh Baked, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and providing individuals with superior genetics, quality products and a friendly atmosphere. We are a premier recreational marijuana shop in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Here at Fresh Baked you're our best bud. We want you to feel comfortable, and open to ask any question or advice you may have. Our wide spectrum of products include a plethora of unique strains, edibles, topical and concentrates!

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Fresh Baked is a Boulder Adult-Use Marijuana Dispensary

Fresh Baked is the second marijuana dispensary in Boulder to serve adult-use cannabis users. The dispensary is set up in an old recording studio where a wide range of musicians have recorded historic music tracks, including the Doors singer, Jim Morrison. They have been in business since 2010 and continue to deliver exceptional customer service to ensure complete satisfaction.

The Fresh Baked dispensary team abides by Ballot Amendment 20 and participates in local events to show support for the Boulder community. They carry more than 200 top-quality cannabis products and are home to many award-winning strains. Boulder marijuana patrons can contact the Fresh Baked team by phone.


Fresh Baked partners with top industry professionals like Incredibles and Love’s Oven to produce a menu with an overflow of the finest cannabis products. The Fresh Baked cultivation team grows over 60 strain and rotates their inventory to present cannabis consumers with the freshest cultivar. They are best known for Scooby Snack and Mob Boss, a CBD-Hybrid strain. Concentrate connoisseurs will find pristine shatters, wax, and live resin from vendors like Botanico in strain-specific full gram flavors.

Check out the variety of tasty THC-infused chocolates, cookies, caramels, and gummies or fuel up with delightfully medicated elixirs by Cannapunch. Fresh Baked offers up a variety of topicals from Weedmaps Verified vendors, including Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Medicate discreetly with top-selling Pax vape cartridges or choose from more than 30 vape cartridges in strain-specific flavors.

Fresh Baked accepts cash and debit cards and has an ATM on site.

Service Locations

Fresh Baked is located on Pearl and Folsom and provide ample parking in the back for to cannabis customers in Boulder, Sunnyside, Glendale, Marshall, and Superior. Fresh Baked extends their services to marijuana users in Louisville, Denver, Broomfield, Leyner, Erie, and Gooding.

Location Information

Boulder is near the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and sits at an elevation of 5,430 feet above sea level. Visitors trek to Boulder, “America’s Foodiest Town,” for trendy dining and brewery tours that cater to all tastebuds. Schedule a tour with Vindication Brewing Company to discover how they create their crafts using chemical-free methods. Finish the tour with a tasting in Vindication Brewing’s Gunbarrel Community Tap Room and enjoy live music and trivia nights. Keep your spirits high with dining choices from top restaurants like Frasca Food and Wine, Black Cat, and OAK at Fourteenth that puts a spin on old-school classics.

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