CBD Elixir - Euphoria 1004.64mg

CBD Elixir - Euphoria 1004.64mg

Canna Hemp welcomes you to experience euphoric bliss with their CBD Elixir Euphoria topical. Each CBD Elixir Euphoria contains 656.9 mg of CBD per container and real cannabis-derived terpenes. Each Canna Hemp Elixir is processed with their state-of-the-art nanoparticle technology to deliver maximum bioavailability. Canna Hemp’s CBD Elixir Euphoria may provide uplifting and positive feelings upon use thanks to the variety of terpenes in the topical. Limonene works as an energizing anti-depressant while Humulene enhances the mood and suppresses appetite and B-caryophyllene delivers anti-inflammatory properties and protects cells.  

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