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100% Organic Kandy Kush Greenhouse 100% Organic Kandy Kush Greenhouse

Indica dominant hybrid, known for its scent and taste. Great for nighttime use, this one definately stimulates the appetite. Another representative in our Fall 2015 greenhouse crop, outstanding value for the dollar.

100% Organic Willy's Wonder  Greenhouse 100% Organic Willy's Wonder Greenhouse

Indica dominant with Afghani genetics, fruity aroma, sweet and sour taste. Another outstanding representative from our Fall 2015 Greenhouse crop.

100% Organic Mango _ Greenhouse 100% Organic Mango _ Greenhouse

Standard, old school, always potent, always fruity, always couch lock inspiring, hard to go wrong with this classic stalwart.

100% Organic Pure Diesel _ Greenhouse 100% Organic Pure Diesel _ Greenhouse

100% Sativa, absolutely 'up' and clear headed, the high THC levels also contribute to nausea relief and appetite stimulant. A subset of the Sour Diesel strain, this variety is less distinctive and 'sour' tasting that its counterpart.

100% Organic Willie Nelson _ Greenhouse 100% Organic Willie Nelson _ Greenhouse

Sativa dominant, this popular variety produces a clear headed, active high, perfect for creative endeavors and artistic pursuits that require activity.

100% Organic Blue Dream _ Greenhouse 100% Organic Blue Dream _ Greenhouse

Same Blue Dream genetics as the indoor version but grown in a greenhouse. This version is VERY SIMILAR to the inside grown 'Top Shelf' variety which is more expensive, just as fruity, stony but uplifting and potent as usual.


OPen Vape Cartridges OPen Vape Cartridges

The standard vape pen commonly made by O-Pen and its many knockoffs support this vaporizer cartridge. This cartridge has 1ml and the base strain is indica based.


1oz Organic Raw Vegan Therapeautic Spray 1oz Organic Raw Vegan Therapeautic Spray

5 mg THC Per Spritz Ingredients: Organic Borage Oil, THC concentrate, RO Filtered Water, Chia Seed Red Radish Root to Preserve



Green Beauties Skin Care - Arthritis Cream 1oz Green Beauties Skin Care - Arthritis Cream 1oz

4oz of the arthritis cream that Big Pharma doesn't want anybody finding out about because it really works. This product is designed and tested by Silicon Valley engineers and real arthritis patients who developed and use the product for their own symptoms. Infused with Real Hash Oil, this wonderful soothing blend of essential oils, extracts and scents is sure to relieve your own stiffness, rub in anywhere on the body for quick results.

Green Beauties Bar Soap - 100% Organic Contains Ca Green Beauties Bar Soap - 100% Organic Contains Ca

Our soap is a very sophisticated formulation of 12 exotic seed and fruit skin oils. Gently nudged to perfection in small, temperature controlled batches. Scented with 100% Pure Essential Oils. Sliced and packaged individually by hand with minimal wrapping. We set out to make the finest bar soap in the world and we're pretty darned close. All done responsibly with Organic Orangutan-safe Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. The rest of the formulation is either organic or wild-crafted oils. We always have an...


OG Kush AAA Clones OG Kush AAA Clones

1 top shelf clone of our signature OG Kush Strain guaranteed to be a top producer

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