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H Street Patient Care

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H Street Patient Care is proud to provide Needles medical marijuana patients with high-quality cannabis products. The inventory offers everything from professionally cultivated strains to terpy concentrates from local vendors. The dispensary staff operates in full compliance with California Proposition 215 and can assist Needles medical marijuana customers in-person and by phone or email.

The menu of extracts includes connoisseur-quality concentrate options in strain-specific shatters, crumble, and wax. The shelves are stocked with designer vape cartridges and disposable pens by Pure Vape and Delta 9. Additionally, Needles medical marijuana patients will find medicated edibles and smoke accessories like domeless titanium nails, glass rigs, rolling papers, glass tips, and lighters. H Street Patient Care only accepts cash as a form of payment and has an ATM located at the dispensary. 

H Street Patient Care sits on the corner of H and Third Street near a credit union. The dispensary provides ample parking and caters to medical marijuana patients in Needles, Essex, Danby, and Amboy. The H Street team extends their services to cannabis users in Archer, Milligan, Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, and Desert Hot Springs. 

Needles sits on the western banks of the Colorado River in the Mohave Valley near the Arizona and Nevada borders in San Bernardino, California. Take a day trip towards the Mojave Desert and excel past the border into Arizona territory or test your luck and drive in the opposite direction towards the City of Sin. Needles is also located near Oatman, a famous gold mining center. Visitors can also travel through the Mojave National Preserve and explore the Kelso Dunes, Marl Mountains, Cima Dome, and Cinder Cone Lava Beds.

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