NUG Mocha Crunch 80mg THC


THC: 80 mg CBD: 5 mg

NUG Mocha Crunch 80mg THC


THC: 80 mg CBD: 5 mg

Product Highlights:

What two indulgences do people love more than chocolate and coffee?! …Cannabis oil was then folded in to produce an infused chocolate bar with a flavor that will put you on your grind. Our NUG milk chocolate bar is elevated to the next level with the addition of a balanced blend of ground coffee beans. The smoky essence of a dark roast, paired with the crunchy texture only a light roast can provide. How do you take your coffee? We prefer ours in a NUG Mocha Crunch bar.

At NUG we cultivate and extract all our own Cannabis to ensure only the finest quality is used in our product line. All of our products are tested for quality and potency by CW Analytical Laboratories, Oakland, CA.

Certified 100% Organic & Fair Trade Cacao and Coffee Beans || Gluten Free || 39% Cacao


Organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic non-fat milk, organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla beans, organic Arabica coffee beans, Cannabis


NUG Bar  2 oz. / 80 mg THC / <5 mg CBD  / 8 squares / 10 mg per square


Contains milk and soy; produced on shared equipment with products containing tree nuts.

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