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Big things begin simply. It only takes a single seed in the ground for an immense forest to grow, and just a small spark to ignite the magic that it contains. Headquarters was started as a frame of mind. Its beliefs are manifested in a grassroots approach to building community, in a profound respect for the marijuana plant and the planet that surrounds it. Headquarters has a strong commitment to producing small-batch, heritage strains and our patients can tell you they wouldn't want it any other way.

When it's almost springtime, and the air in Colorado begins to feel lighter with the weight of winter slowly melting away, a crisp smell of marijuana lingers. Our cultivators have developed our unique process, practice, and philosophy. We have developed a strain for almost every modern activity, malady, or mood.

The characters and the circumstances change, but Headquarters helps everyone who visits to find the strain that most closely matches their needs. Although it seems simple, and looks like the easy way to do it big things are happening behind the scenes. Expert bud tenders work with growth engineers in a state-of-the-art cultivation center to develop new strains based on emerging needs of the community. The end result is an ecosystem not unlike the root structure and life cycle of the marijuana plant itself. The happiness of our community begets the feedback that in turn serves to better the product that we are so proud to serve.

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