Juice Cubes [6pk]

Juice Cubes [6pk]

Each package of Jade Nectar Cannabis Juice contains multiple 1 oz frozen cubes (6 pack, 20 pack, and 50 pack). Each cube is 1 fluid ounce, and most people consume 1-2 per serving. There are many ways to prepare and consume the juice cubes, but below is a list of a few of the most popular ways to drink them. As more and more research and success stories emerge about the medicinal wonders of consuming raw cannabis, many people are interested to see if raw cannabis is right for them. The problem is that raw cannabis is PERISHABLE (fresh leaves are only viable for a day or two in the fridge). So there are many people who are interested in consuming raw cannabis, but there is a tremendous challenge in trying to reliably source fresh raw cannabis. At Jade Nectar, we have found that juicing, then flash freezing the juice is the best way to preserve the freshness and vitality of raw cannabis leaves and flowers. By freezing the juice, we are able to give the extremely perishable cannabis material a shelf life of up to 6 months! So now people can have reliable access to fresh raw cannabis.

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