Bonbons Indica 100mg THC - REC

Bonbons Indica 100mg THC - REC

Introducing BlueKudu Bonbons in two classic flavor combinations. First, dark chocolate bonbons are filled with a creamy vanilla bean caramel. Then they take their smooth, salted peanut butter and cover it with rich and creamy milk chocolate. Their decadent caramel and peanut butter créme fillings are made from scratch, in-house. Each bonbon is individually sealed in new, nitrogen-flushed packaging to ensure maximum freshness in every bite.

Extraction oil is produced using only Indica-dominant strains. Strain information is printed on every package.

Each package contains five (5) of each bonbon flavor. Ten (10) servings, 100 mg THC total. 

High Country Healing Alma - Recreational

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40 South Main Street, Fairplay, CO 80440