High Country Healing Silverthorne - Recreational

High Country Healing Silverthorne - Recreational

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At High Country, cannabis is our greatest passion, and admittedly an obsession, but it is our relationships with our customers that really keep us going. We curate a huge variety of exotic strains, and take great care to nurture and foster the most exquisite characteristics of each plant, lovingly growing for our customers’ medical and recreational needs.

In order to serve these diverse requirements of our patients, we view extensive cannabis knowledge as a prerequisite to be a High Country Budtender. Our friendly, warm, and caring employees offer detailed descriptions of each product’s potency, terpene profiles, and genetics. We understand each of our patients is different and endeavor to dial-in an offering as unique as you are. That’s why we grow 50 cannabis varieties at a range of prices to suit every budget and invite you to PYOB: Pick Your Own Bud! That’s right, say goodbye to prepackaged flower. Visit the High Country family at one of our many locations for a fresh, engaging, and fun cannabis experience. We’d love to see you and help you embark upon your own personal cannabis journey.


At HCH, our philosophy is small-batch, large-variety, handcrafted cannabis. Because lets face it, there is just no substitute for a grower’s daily hands-on love and attention. Our plants are rigorously monitored, shaped, pruned, fed, and watered to optimize the genetic potential of each our 50 varietals. The result is pure, potent and aromatic cannabis that is rarely found anywhere else on earth.

The Garden

As seen in the February 2015 HIGH TIMES, High Country Healing is America’s Highest Garden. We believe that our high altitude mountain environment, with grow operations above 10,500 feet, is the differentiating ingredient that enables us to grow exquisitely dense, potent, and aromatic cannabis. All of our batches are small, which allows each plant to be watered, fed and pruned by hand. The result is an artisanal quality flower that not only packs a potent punch of THC, but also smokes smooth, tastes rich, and is packed with flavor. We are America’s Highest Garden. We are High Country Healing.

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