G STIK Rojo - Indica

G STIK Rojo - Indica

The "RED" G Stik from G FarmaLabs symbolizes a potent form of medicine for patients in medical marijuana states. In the adult markets it has become a status symbol to be seen with this legendary cone. It's a phenomenal cannabis pre-roll made from 100% indoor flower for those unapologetic moments. The natural paper allows you to taste the aroma in the flower after every draw. It's an excellent burn that allows you to enjoy the endless flavor, "RED" is everything you have come to expect from a blend of exclusive Indica flowers. Originally created for its medicinal value for those who suffer from any of the ailments listed below, this Indica blend allows for a tremendous improvement to quality of life. If you ever come across the "RED" G Stik brand from G FarmaLabs, buy them up, fire one up and enjoy your lifestyle with a group of friends out on the town of the adult markets.

G STIKS are made with 1 Gram of 100% flower, hand manufactured with a proprietary blend of 7 different strains, infused with kief and finished with a special coat of Liquid Gold™ CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil. Available in Indica, Sativa & Hybrid.

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