Tahoe OG Disposable Pen

Tahoe OG Disposable Pen

stick.e.vape is honored to offer its Tahoe OG Disposable Pen, a Hybridized THC colossus with ratings topping 69%. stick.e.vape disposable pens are lovingly crafted to heat their contents evenly so that they're delicious from start to finish. Their Tahoe OG Disposable Pen boasts a flavorful undercurrent of lemon-pine lifted by hints of pungent spice — a true, palate-pleasing delight whose high ranks even higher. Tahoe OG delivers full-bodied relaxation complemented by invigorating cerebral uplift, a combination that cannaseurs search far and wide to experience. stick.e.vape's Tahoe OG Cartridge Disposable Pen is a pocket-sized, professional massage. Treat yourself.

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