NUG Premium Chem Haze Live Resin

NUG Premium Chem Haze Live Resin

This genetic is the result of the pinnacle breeding projects by some of the true legends of international cannabis. Haze is known for its sandalwood scent and explosive cerebral effects, while Chemdawg’s similarly skull-rattling potency and gassy bouquet sits at the heart of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This Chem Haze, whole plant live resin is the essence of the combined power of both of these legends: a powerful, almost psychedelic cerebral experience combined with a complex palate of fuel and spice.


Each batch of NUG premium extracts is hand selected by our team of dedicated experts based on its nose, taste, appearance, and quality. From early in the grow process, only the finest plants are cultivated and harvested to be extracted into the four NUG premium finishes we offer. Not satisfied with your average extracts? Experience NUG Premium.

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