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Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

A popular potent sativa-dominant strain. Crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison creating beautiful dense nugs.


Bloom Farm Vape Pen Kit Bloom Farm Vape Pen Kit

These slick pens are awesome for any time use. They come in White Sativa, Black Indica, and Gray Hybrid. Each cartridge lasts 200-300 hits and is rechargeable by USB. Simple and effective. Refill cartridges are $40 each.


Bud Sugar 360mg Bud Sugar 360mg

One of our most popular items by patients, Original Bud Sugar. This is a fun way to medicate because you can basically use it on or in anything. It is one of the only cannabis infused sugars. Put it in any drink, on food, bake with it, cook with it, be creative! One teaspoon equals one dose in this 360mg half-cup.

10 – Pack Sativa Capsules (THC) 10 – Pack Sativa Capsules (THC)

Sometimes it’s easier for patients to take pills, so we’ve created these for you. These size 00 capsules contain approx. 15mg of THC each and are made with organic coconut oil. This particular oil made with the following strains: Blackjack, Blueberry Jack, CandyLand, and THC Bomb. Organically grown in soil.

Organic Pizza 50mg Organic Pizza 50mg

Pizza! We know how much you love pizza so we’ve taken the liberty to make them for you. They are made and then frozen for your convenience. The dosage is low so you can enjoy it without getting totally blasted. If you would like to increase the dosage please let us know at least a day in advance.

Organic Olive Oil 50mg Organic Olive Oil 50mg

Olive oil is great for your favorite foods. Add this to your salad, bread, or anything else you might want to try!


CBD Drops 30mg CBD Drops 30mg

This 2 ounce dropper bottle contains some of the purest organic CBD around. Extracting CBD in non-GMO vegetable glycerin over a two month period creates pure CBD with less than 1% THC. This product is an amazing health benefit and should be take by everyone. CBD is known and tested for curing seizures, lupus, cancer and a lot more. Organically grown in soil.


PG Organic Healing Rub PG Organic Healing Rub

This healing topical is completely raw and has been tested on skin cancer and 3rd degree burns with great success. One of the most powerful topicals on the market. Good for cuts, bruises, arthritis, ANYTHING skin related. See proof of this healing 3rd degree burns in the Store.


Bloom Farm Cartridges Bloom Farm Cartridges

Wonderful Bloom Farm cartridge refills. Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

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