Dispensary Jenny's - North Las Vegas




Kind Cucumber Body Lotion - Canna Hemp

  • CBD 124.50mg
Limonene 189.3 bpinene 45.5 nerolidol 3.3
Limonene 189.3 bpinene 45.5 nerolidol 3.3

Dispensary Jenny's - North Las Vegas




Brand: Canna Hemp

Canna Hemp combines the power of CBD and cannabis-derived terpenes to deliver best-in-class holistic wellness. Every one of their products is thoughtfully crafted to ensure their superior hemp-based oils have the perfect blend of high-quality botanical ingredients. Each item on their menu features organically derived cannabidiol, free of THC.

The Canna Hemp journey began with a belief in natural healing. The founders have been part of the industry since 2013 with a mission to provide safer alternative treatments with natural products. They were disheartened by the medical industry's focus on pharmaceutical medications that often seemed to only treat symptoms. They began to seek out natural remedies that address the entire body without the side effects that come from mainstream medicine. They discovered the synergistic power of cannabidiol combined with terpenes and were inspired to share the incredible benefits hemp can provide. Canna Hemp officially launched in July 2017 and has happily served the community of Nevada ever since.

Safety and purity are paramount to the Canna Hemp team, and each step is designed to ensure the most quality in every product. They begin with 100% legal hemp flower that is entirely free of THC. Those flowers are processed with CO2 extraction to create pure CBD oils. Most of their CBD products are re-introduced to all natural, cannabis-derived terpenes that provide effects to address specific ailments. Canna Hemp Elixirs are processed with their state-of-the-art nanoparticle technology, resulting in maximum bioavailability. The all natural goodness doesn’t stop there. Canna Hemp utilizes premium ingredients to create their topicals and lotions, free of petroleum and parabens.  

Soak Canna Hemp delivers a line of hemp-based products that nurture wellness and nourish the body inside and out. Their CBD Body Lotions combine the benefits of cannabidiol, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil in a lightweight lotion that delivers penetrating moisturization without leaving a greasy surface layer. Try any of their beautifully fragrant options like Citrus Blossom, Harlot Haze, Hyd-Rose, and Kind Cucumber. Canna Hemp also offers their CBD Body Lotion in Free & Clear, a fragrance- and colorant-free lotion safe for sensitive skin types. Get kissably soft lips and absorb the benefits of cannabidiol with Canna Hemp’s deliciously flavored CBD Lip Balms. To treat aches, bruises, and other skin afflictions apply Canna Hemp’s powerful Pain Relief Cream. 

Enhance your life with a Canna Hemp Elixir -- CBD- and terpene-filled tinctures in blends for every aspect of life including Calm, Euphoria, Focus, Relief, and Sleep. Don’t forget about your furry, four-legged friends! Pets in pain can find relief through Canna Hemp, too, thanks to their CBD Pet Tincture. Smoke Canna Hemp offers CBD Dabs, a line of CO2-extracted concentrates that can be smoked in a wax vaporizer or dab rig. Try Dabs Pure for isolated CBD cannabinoids or try out their cannabis-derived, flavorful Diamond OG and Tangerine Dream. Take holistic wellness on the go with Canna Hemp’s vape cartridges filled with cannabidiol rich oils in Tangerine Dream and Diamond OG as well as options for specific effects including; Calm, Euphoria, Focus, Relief, and Sleep.   

Canna Hemp is pleased to offer hemp products lab tested by DB Labs, LLC. Their products are examined for pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, terpene profiles, cannabinoid profiles, and for any detectable THC.  

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