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Vision + Mission

Kanna was founded to promote the use of medical cannabis while educating patients about herbal healing as a safe alternative to over-the-counter and doctor prescribed medications. By drawing on the medical knowledge, industry experience, and professional expertise of our dedicated team, we remain committed to the responsible introduction of plant-based medicines into the cannabis industry.

Our team has strong Oakland roots, a passion for community service, and insatiable drive for sharing the medical benefits of cannabis with our patients, families, and neighbors. As a pillar of the business endeavors for the company, Kanna will lead by example as a positive force for change for our community, our city, and our industry.

Kanna’s vision is to work in partnership with our community and business partners to develop a thriving dispensary center where patients can access high-quality cannabinoid medication, discuss product selection, and determine personalized methods of administration with a professional, experienced staff who are able to serve their needs.

The mission we achieve to meet is largely accomplished by engaging individuals to promote well-being through the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids and cannabis products. We are active members within the community providing service programs for our patients and neighbors, as well as planning to host on site workshops, seminars, and wellness programs. Furthermore, Kanna will contribute to community wellness through additional non-profit contributions, affordable housing, and living wage job opportunities for local Oakland residents and area natives.

Our Philosophy

Our leadership team and core managers have a wealth of experience in the industry stemming from as early as 1996 and were involved in one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries opened in the S.F. Bay Area. We have over 100 years of cumulative experience in cultivation and manufacturing techniques. With this vast experience and a newfound enthusiasm for a cause we believe in, we have focused our efforts to realize a unified vision: to produced the highest quality cannabis extracts.

Our philosophy is built upon the conceptual foundation of three words: therapy, healing, and compassion.

We are on the crest of a breaking wave in the scientific community of discovering the vast therapeutic roles that cannabinoids (the active chemicals found within cannabis) have on a variety of conditions. The key is to recognize that this therapeutic potential does exist and in many cases have become actualized; cannabinoids have provided therapeutic benefit in such conditions as seizures/epilepsy, muscle spasticity, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, glaucoma, chronic pain syndrome, chronic back pain, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain. As acceptance increases and bias fades, more research will be conducted to further investigate the role cannabinoids have on a variety of medical conditions and we aim to be on the leading edge.

Healing goes beyond just alleviating the physical symptoms that accompany medical conditions. There is a holistic element in which the etiological causes of those conditions are also addressed, be they physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. When used correctly and in a safe environment, cannabis can open the space to allow real healing to take place. We encourage patients using medical cannabis to seek out support groups and actively engage in alternative modes of healing, such as talk therapy, yoga, and meditation. While some conditions are not amenable to complete healing, many are and we must recognize that it is thru healing that the fractured becomes whole.

Both therapy and healing are not possible to the fullest extent without compassion. Many are familiar with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Proposition 215 passed by the California Assembly) and its role in bringing the medical use of cannabis out to the forefront. As an indication of the importance of compassion, this milestone law used the very same word as its namesake. For decades there has been an irrational, biased, and prejudiced war on cannabis. It is only thru compassion that both the therapeutic properties and healing role of cannabis may be allowed to flourish and benefit. This is especially so in the cases of chronic, debilitating conditions that cause tremendous amounts of discomfort and pain. Denying access to cannabis is not only irrational but cruel, and such a stance forces people to use highly addictive and potentially dangerous medications such as opioids. Cannabis provides a safe and effective alternative.

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