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Genetically speaking, Cactus is a full Indica; it's the cross of Afghani and Northern Lights- but surprisingly the effects can sometimes be far more in line with a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It's quite unusual in this regard--reportedly (and confirmed by our in-house research) Cactus is as likely to get you in gear to finish a project or a paper as it is to sedate and knock you back (or out). This full spectrum experience makes the strain one of the more user-specific types of Cannabis, where the individual really does determine the effect.

Our buds have an earthy, fragrant aroma with hints of sweet pine. They're light green, slightly fluffy with the trim a bit on the loose side; however the nugs are ridiculously frosty with occasional trails of orange pistils.

The overall effect as noted, ultimately falls on different parts of the spectrum from user to user! However there's no question as to the Indica-sided expression of this strain--expect a calm, relaxing body tingle that may make you feel like you're melting a bit-- this strain also has the capacity to uplift with a clear, cerebral euphoric blast that will leave you energized and ready to face a busy day or complex task (or art project!).

While still being mellow and relaxing, it does not have any significant knock-back and is by no means exclusively a nighttime strain. That being said, it's actually an excellent daytime choice because it's not too spacey or stony, but still potent and effective. You may wish to try it in the evening first, just in case the Indica-sided effects come through stronger--as mentioned, this strain is an exciting choice for those looking to try something different that works specifically for them. Bottom line--Cactus is delicious, potent medicine!

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