SYNERGY Cinnamon Dew Drops 1:1 100mg

SYNERGY Cinnamon Dew Drops 1:1 100mg

Dixie Elixirs' Cinnamon Synergy Dew Drops is equal parts sweet cinnamon and effective cannabis, in one powerful drop. Cinnamon, like a hot and sweet summer fling, provides an enticing flavor that perfectly synergizes with cannabis. With a 1:1 ratio blend of THC and CBD that makes for a more natural balance of pain relief without the strong psychoactive effects of full THC products. Use the demarked dropper to dose the amount you need accurately, place under your tongue, and hold for 60 seconds. Due to its quick absorption, you'll be able to feel the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving effects take place in no time.

Dixie Elixir triple lab tests their products to ensure quality and consistency in every single drop.

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