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Tree Base Klear Kart - Agent Orange (EXCISE TAX INCLUDED) - OLD - OLD - OLD

Dispensary Los Angeles Kush 2




Brand: Tree Base Klear

Our Mission: A New Industry Standard Discover concentrates rooted in wellness with Tree Base’s line of clear, potent, and terpy cannabis extractions. Tree Base is a pioneer in concentrates --one of the first to bring clear, distillate concentrates to the market. Tree Base’s line of vape cartridges, crystalline, and klear syringes delivers a clean high every time. Tree Base supplies extracts upon which the cannabis community can rely, and their methods render consistent extracts that express the essence of the original strain in every puff.   History: Tree Base was founded on a ground-breaking formula. The founders have been around cannabis for most of their lives, and have more than a decade of experience in the industry. Tree Base’s co-founder and chemist developed a method that produced colorless, odorless, waterclear distillate. They both knew they’d stumbled upon something that ought to be shared. Tree Base partners identified a hole in the market and wanted to bring something to the cannabis extraction market that would raise the bar. For the Tree Base co-founders, the cannabis industry is not a trend, or about turning a profit, it is a lifestyle. Tree Base launched in 2015, debuting their waterclear extractions to concentrate enthusiasts throughout California. Their clear distillate concentrates blew extraction standards out of the water, but reshaping the narrative about distillate was an uphill battle. With much patience and an eagerness to educate, it was only a matter of time before the cannabis community gave them a try and fell in love. Since their launch, the founders and Tree Base team have proudly supplied their patrons premium cannabis extractions. Today, the founders invite the cannabis community to experience what their products have to offer. Go on and take a puff, this difference is klear.   Process: Tree Base’s extraction artist employs proprietary extraction methods to craft a klear line of concentrates. Their focus is refinement, and their hallmark is purity. Tree Base sources starting material from a network of cannabis gardens they trust. Tree Base flowers are come from Master Growers the founders have longstanding relationship with, and hold to the same level of standards as their extraction process. From soil to oil, Tree Base material and products exude perfection and purity.   Products: Puff on purity with one of Tree Base’s vape cartridges. The Agent Orange Klear Kart packs a memorably refreshing orange flavor with piney Jack-like notes. A few puffs of this Klear Kart makes for the perfect wake ‘n’ bake, thanks to Agent Orange’s appetite and creative stimulation. Another citrus energy-booster is Tree Base’s Lemon Jack Klear Kart, which combines the pine notes of Jack with invigorating lemon. Puff on this Klear Kart to unleash your most productive self. Enjoy the pungent, peppery flavor profile of Tree Base’s WiFi OG Klear Kart. Clear up your neurological connections, and vape your way into high-speed, free thinking with some drags of this OG tasting Klear Kart. Dab it, eat it, or apply topically --with Tree Base’s King Louis OG Syringe, there’s almost no wrong way to use it. This 100% solvent-free oil delivers crisp citrus flavors with notes of skunk and fuel and packs a powerful punch against anxiety, leaving users feeling euphoric and joyful. Go straight to the base with a dab of Tree Base’s THC-A Crystalline. This concentrate is extremely potent and remarkably pure, stopping pain and insomnia in its tracks with just one inhale.   Lab Testing: The Tree Base team is pleased to offer full spectrum lab tested cannabis extractions, provided by multiple testing facilities including; SC Labs, CannaIQ, and others.
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