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Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative, Inc. was founded in March 2013 by group of local medicinal cannabis activists, business and medical professionals, cannabis growers and plant geneticists.  Our diverse skill sets are unified in a vision to create a cannabis cooperative that is sustainable, healthy for the environment, which operates within the guidelines of California state law, and sets an example for creating true cannabis medicine for those in need, including cancer patients and the elderly. What sets the Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative apart from other cannabis growers and producers is our focus on:
  • Creating high-CBD cannabis medicine
  • Testing to provide CBD-rich medicine in consistent, verifiable, and measured dosages
  • Enlisting and supporting small, local grower-members
  • Requiring grower-members to follow sustainable, environmentally-sound growing practices including:
    • No indoor growing
    • No generators polluting air and water sources (creeks, streams, rivers)
    • No chemicals or animal poisons
    • Adequate water storage so limited water supplies are not taxed during the dry season
At Lost Coast Botanicals, our focus is on developing and producing cannabis plants and medicines with very high levels of medicinally beneficial, non-psychoactive CBD – for medicine, not recreation. Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative operates as a not-for-profit cooperative registered with the State of California. All Californians with a doctor’s recommendation to use medical cannabis are invited to join our cooperative and experience the benefits of high-CBD cannabis. We offer CO2-extracted oils, disposable VapePens, and clones. Many cannabis dispensaries around California are now offering Lost Coast Botanicals extracts, and edibles makers are incorporating our products into theirs.

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