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As a warm welcome and thank you for choosing MedLeaf to serve your needs, all first-time Patients will receive a 10% discount on purchases.

About Us

MedLeaf’s mission is to provide its patients with a safe, secure, and welcoming location to obtain high quality Medical Cannabis and related products at a fair price from a compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable staff. At MedLeaf, we understand that for far too many, unbearable pain is a daily part of life and that nobody should have to live with oftentimes debilitating pain, when there are treatments available. Medical Cannabis has many medical benefits that ease the pain that traditional medicine, cannot offer without the harmful effects of addiction.

MedLeaf is also committed to community outreach and education regarding Medical Cannabis, including educating the community with regards to the benefits of Medical Cannabis, available products and methods of consumption, and how to legally obtain it. We will strive to embrace the diversity of the community we serve and to place special emphasis on reaching out to, serving and enhancing the lives of our Veterans and the underserved members of our community.

The work we do at MedLeaf and the services we provide reflect these core values.

Compassion: Each member of the MedLeaf team, from the owners to each staff member, has a passion for making Medical Cannabis available to those in need. Each has a story to tell which underpins their passion, from witnessing, first hand, family members, friends and loved ones, and in many cases, themselves, suffering debilitating pain from accidents, injuries, critical and chronic illnesses, or the terrible after effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and in the most heart wrenching of cases, watching those they loved, at the end of their lives, suffering needlessly with pain. We strive to take this passion and transform it to compassion for each and every patient and their caregivers who walk through our doors. We will greet each and every one with a warm smile and an empathetic heart, ready to listen to their needs and to help them find products which will give them the relief they so richly deserve.


Diversity: At MedLeaf, we believe that diversity and inclusion, across the board, is a vital component of healthy living. We embrace and celebrate human diversity and the enrichment it can provide through inclusion. Diversity and inclusivity are embodied by our staff, board and owners. As a company and a team, we are committed to providing equal access to Medical Cannabis to all legally qualified persons regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, physical or mental disability, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, religion or creed, or veteran status. More importantly, recognizing that some groups within our community, Veterans for example, are underserved, we will endeavor to reach out to those individuals, engage them, and provide resources and assistance to them so that they can learn about and gain access to Medical Cannabis as a means of alternative relief.


Empowerment: The individual is the primary authority when it comes to making personal healthcare decisions, including the decision to use Medical Cannabis. MedLeaf will help to empower our patients and their caregivers by providing free access to quality educational materials through our partnership with Americans for Safe Access and their Cannabis Care Certification program and offering on-site counseling by our staff members and our clinical director on the benefits of Medical Cannabis and how to legally obtain it. Empowerment encourages the individual to take control of his or her own healing and take back his/her life.


Natural Healthcare: Natural therapies are an effective alternative or compliment to traditional medicine. Natural therapies must be available to everyone who would choose to make them part of a healthy lifestyle.

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